Doodles from several weeks ago. Promised to post ‘em over here.

What if these guys were more badass? I think it’d be pretty rad. I might finish one of these later on. Who knows.





the legendary cure pretty is finally here

More caps because I keep taking them. It’s too bad all the new eps are 3D because then they can’t go adorably off model, but they’re still cute.



when you give a bug a snapchat

a novel by silver flash the silverfish

this is the best thing to wake up to oh my god

lmao this is really good

Wait, isn’t that tiger like poop on a toilet and sing a little song? or is that a different thing?
Yep! That’s the same tiger. Most people know him from that, I did too XD There’s a whole crapton of educational material centered around this guy, so it took me a long time to even discover that there was a regular style kid’s anime too. It seems like the episodic bits air as part of a bigger block that included the educational segments.

More random pics with stupid captions this time

Bugs galore in this episode! I wish the quality was better so I could see some of them more clearly

Guess who’s watching baby cartoons again and scoping all the special cuties

People complain about kid’s cartoons having too preachy of lessons but man, adult cartoons are like 500 times worse about outright spelling out their Opinion of the Episode. Like even when they mostly work it into the plot they still gotta reiterate it like we’re 5 years old, aren’t these for adults? Like Mike was revisiting some ‘toons he used to watch years ago but he stopped this one episode at the last 2 minutes because the main character walked out onto the stage and he knew all that was left was for Reverend Duckman to give his sermon



straight people are so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals