puppies and other various small animals

they will destroy at least one thing you love

Why New SMB tho
The art style is sooo boring and there’s really nothing I find interesting about it at all. It’s like some kind of sterile Mario water
LIFE ITSELF. gonna make this as serious as possible.


Michael Bay

Who names their kid michael like how boring can you be

Actual question: Mario series

New Super Mario Bros, and Everything I’ve heard about Sticker Star


the fact that you sent me this terrible ask

the human race

well that got serious quick

bullies and selfish people in power


the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

*eyedrops colors from official art and calls it a day*

*eyedrops colors from official art and calls it a day*

More requests
I’m not very happy with the Shelly and Courtney picture but people liked baby Courtney and asked me to draw her again lmao