Faker’s Affair 2 WIP 8D


Faker’s Affair 2 WIP 8D


Got BD vol. 10 and am working on the screencaps for the comparison posts, now, but one of the most important changes:




(In all seriousness, a ton of changes between the broadcast and BD versions of 19 and 20 — some of which actually change how certain characters are reacting to certain things, and which I’ll highlight before I get into the actual comparison posts.)

I love that the Cover is a variant cover meaning it’s only made for collectors and fans of that artist. You can buy the comic without the cover easier then you can get the cover everyone won’t shut up about.
Yeah like, in the long run, the availability doesn’t matter… but for every guy that can say to someone “Look, these idiots don’t even know it’s limited edition!”, for every fact people don’t check, detail overlooked, that’s another person deciding social critique is logicless :/ at least that’s how I see it.
I’d discuss it but I’m not allowed because I’m male so I guess have fun y’all.

Another ramble about some current stuff… Mostly about what I dislike about some online discourse.

I’ll use a single example for this whole post.
Remember that Spider-Woman cover thing? Was anyone else really peeved to see click-baity articles about it? It’s really annoying to see shit like that pop up because all it does is make people take these things less seriously when a bunch of reactionary stuff shows up without much content discussion-wise.

It’s like this: People retaliate with things like “Spider-Man always makes those poses!” And you know what. It’s true. Spider-man is always making creepy crawly, ridiculous poses. He’s often times flying crotch first at the viewer. So, when the reaction to the cover in question pops up on the latest aggregator, people look at it and say “Damn those feminists sure are stupid and they don’t even read comics!” (I don’t read comics, for sure, and I won’t pretend to know much about them other than what I know growing up with them being around in general.)
But there’s so much more to the discussion than that!

Instead of some barely-thought-out, five sentence blurb on how funny some guy’s 3D render of Spider-woman’s pose was, we could be talking about what CONTEXTS surrounding the cover make it look pornographic in our eyes. Clearly, Spider-Man, who’s constantly displaying his ass in a painted-on leotard, doesn’t incite the same reaction from people. It’s a good argument! But, there’s so much more to be said about the fact that crawling like a damn insect with your ass in the air ISN’T a sexualized pose on men in the same way it is for women. It opens up the floor for “What’s appropriate for a spider woman in a world where women contorting their bodies in stupid, comical fashions reads as “sexual pose” even to people not attracted to women?”. It’s pretty much a textbook example of what the Hawkeye Initiative was trying to point out. Dudes are weird and put ladies in REALLY stupid poses. This makes the equivalence of their posing not-so-equivalent.

Because logically, in a vacuum, yes, there is nothing different about Spider-woman’s pose than Spider-man’s. Granted, her hips are pretty slim - but if the mainstream articles aren’t pointing out the actual shit that’s up for discussion, it just reenforces the “everything’s sexist!”, “sjw” strawman that so many fencers have painted in their minds. If you leave the discussion at “This cover looks sexual.” without even pointing out the cultural contexts that make this sort of thing a weird and unfortunate gray-area, then the entire thing looks like shallow nitpicking.

I guess people will tell me, “Don’t worry about those people” or “We shouldn’t have to try to look good to the people that hate us anyway” which is fine… but in the current internet landscape, backlash is RAMPANT and a lot of people’s first encounters with feminism ARE comical depictions of a lady in a nazi armband stamping “censored” on their favorite video games and trashy articles that barely scratch the surface.

Those trainers are so cute I’m gonna die. I want your outfit. I NEED it. Especially the hat.
Thanks! I have spent so many pokedollars on clothes you have no idea
You've been drawing a lot lately and I think that's great! Good job!

thanks! I’m hoping it doesn’t fall off like most times…

Anyway here’s more pokemon drawings.
My trainer on the left, someone else’s on the right. Wildly different proportions cus I suck! I might trace the first one bigger with some adjustments cus I like it and it me

I guess it’s also like how people think it’s all one big hivemind and everyone who is on “our side” we side with 100% and assume are flawless when like… no?? Like people equating Anita with feminism when it’s like uh a lot of feminists have issues with some of her points too and there’s always things to talk about and improve on but most people just don’t CONDONE BULLYING? uhgg IDK. idk. sorry for the rambles dunno if I’ll delete later.

I think it’s good to start a conversation and to use actual works as examples. I like the idea of fans and artists talking about how the next work should be designed. But I’m not a fan of going back and changing past works or deleting characters.
I’m a bit hesitant to use examples because they’re such sore points and I’m sure people are sick of talking about them too. I mean, I don’t know. Sometimes I’m like “Yeah I’m sick of this bullshit we should make change now!” but other times I’m like “Everything about the way the artist handled it was gross but why did she ask to outright have it removed?” Maybe artists would be less defensive otherwise?

I’ve always viewed social criticism of works as no different than saying “The level design was lazy here and the music didn’t fit” or whatever… but I dunno. I dunno what’s right, and I feel bad that I don’t have anything to SAY to the people that are apprehensive or critical of that kinda thing. Like “Hey we’re not all like that” doesn’t hold that much weight if it’s just me saying it to them… Especially when it’s coming from people who seem to mean well otherwise.